Sal Taddeo: Donating His Time

“I love donating my time to help others in need,” says Sal Taddeo when speaking of his charitable efforts. He is particularly concerned about the impact caused by poverty and homelessness.

Sal Taddeo - What it Takes to  Run a Corporation

Running a corporation often requires hard work and dedication. Sal Taddeo lives and works in New Jersey and is the president and chief executive officer (CEO) of multiple corporations. He created a consulting firm, Salangi Enterprises, LLC. He also built Sallee Figs so that he could spend more time with his families. He is a successful business professional, and enjoys taking on new challenges.

Sal Taddeo

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Sal Taddeo - What You Should Know About Entrepreneurship

Sal Taddeo has a strong interest in entrepreneurship. He is the president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Sallee Figs,, and Salangi Enterprise, LLC, Sal Taddeo enjoys running two corporations and always looks forward to finding new business opportunities. Sal Taddeo has worked hard to build both of his companies, and is dedicated to providing the best services to all of his customers and clients. If you are interested in entrepreneurship as well, there are a few things that you should know.

Sal Taddeo

Entrepreneurship requires a lot of hard work. Entrepreneurs are individuals who have a unique vision for a company and pursue it. These individuals often work hard to get their companies started. Many entrepreneurs start off as the only employees of their companies. They may work hard to market themselves and gain customers and clients as well.

It may also be important to know that entrepreneurship can be a risky. Creating a new business can be a major financial risk. Many businesses struggle during their first few years. Entrepreneurs may struggle to keep their businesses afloat and their finances in order. Entrepreneurs who work hard may be able to build successful companies and successful careers for themselves.

If you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur, it could be important to remember that building a company could require several years of planning and work. Sal Taddeo is a licensed real estate agent as well as a CEO in New Jersey. He runs multiple corporations and has a strong interest in entrepreneurial endeavors.

Sal Taddeo -  Build a Career as a Consultant

Sal Taddeo is an experienced professional in New Jersey. He has more than two decades of experience in management. He is a licensed real estate agent, and he is the president and chief executive officer (CEO) of multiple companies. He has been working in consulting and construction management since 2000. He is the president and CEO of Salangi Enterprises, LLC, which offers business consultation services. Taddeo has used his experience to build a strong consultation firm. Building a career as a consultant often requires a broad skillset and a strong dedication to your career.

Sal Taddeo

One tip for building your career as a consultant is to develop your knowledge of the industry in which you want to work. For example, if you want to become a business management consultant, it may be helpful for you to develop your management skills and take courses in fields such as facility management and project management. Your clients will often expect you to know how to make their companies more efficient, therefore, it could be helpful to take the time to build your knowledge. You may be able to gain more clients if you are a knowledgeable and experienced professional in your field.

A second tip is to gain experience in your field. Before you become a consultant, it may be helpful to work in your industry. Experience could help you gain insight into your industry and how to build success. The more experience you have, the more helpful you may be to your future clients. Another tip is to develop your customer service skills. As a consultant, you may depend on your clients. Building your career could involve obtaining good referrals and references from your clients. Good communication skills could help your clients feel more comfortable with you, and good customers service skills may leave your clients satisfied.

Networking can be a good way for consultants to build their careers as well. Networking involves meeting other professionals in your field and building several professional connections. It may be helpful to attend a variety of conferences and events that are related to your field. It could also be helpful to carry around your business cards with you wherever you go. You never know when a good opportunity to network will turn up. If you carry around your business card, you will be prepared to exchange information with another professional in your industry.

Building a career as a consultant may take time. Many consultants need to build their client lists and create reputations for themselves in their industries. Taddeo is a business professional who has worked in construction management, facilities management, project management and more. Sal Taddeo is an experienced CEO and consultant. More information on his company, Salangi Enterprises, can be found at or or you can reach him at 732.741.(FIGS)3447.

Sal Taddeo - How to Succeed as a CEO

Sal Taddeo is the president and chief executive officer (CEO) of several corporations including Salangi Enterprises, LLC and Sallee Figs. Detailed information on both of these companies can be found at and or or at 732.741.(FIGS)3447. He has more than two decades of experience in management and has worked in several industries. Sal Taddeo is a successful professional, who is dedicated to his companies and helping them succeed. Sal Taddeo has several interests and enjoys taking on new business ventures and challenges. He has built several successful corporations and has developed a successful career as a CEO.

Sal Taddeo

CEOs are high level executives, who have a wide range of responsibilities. If you want to succeed in this position, a great tip is to build a strong knowledge of your company. This may involve working with every department within your company. If you understand how every position operates, you may be able to ensure that your company runs efficiently. Successful CEOs are often knowledgeable professionals, who could work in any position within their company. Successful CEOs often build positive professional relationships with their employees as well. Some CEOs focus on their employees so that they can build a team of loyal and hardworking professionals.

Experience could also help you succeed as a CEO. It could be helpful for you to focus on gaining experience in your industry. Learning about your industry could help you develop a strong knowledge of your competition and you may gain insight into how to structure your company so that you can surpass your competition. Experience in business and management may help you find new ways to help your company stand out as well. Some high level executives have degrees in business. However, other CEOs gain their knowledge and education through work and experience.

Networking can help you succeed as a CEO as well. Building a strong professional network could help you find potential employees as well as potential investors. Some great networking strategies include attending conferences and seminars, as well as connecting with other CEOs in your industry. Many high level executives build professional connections within their industry and with professional in fields that are related to their industry.

There are several professionals who strive to build successful careers in their companies. CEOs are high level professionals, who put hours of hard work and dedication into their careers. These professionals are often highly knowledgeable and focused on improving their companies. Taddeo is the CEO of multiple corporations. One of his companies sells fig trees, and the other provides consultation services. He has spent years developing his career as a business and management professional. Sal Taddeo is a successful CEO who has interests in several different industries and enjoys taking on new challenges.

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Sal Taddeo - Tips For Growing Healthy Fig Trees

Sal Taddeo enjoys working with trees and plants and even owns his own company where he grows and sells fig trees. If you plan to grow your own trees to either enjoy yourself or to sell, these tips can help you ensure that they are healthy.

Sal Taddeo


Soil plays a big role in the health of your trees. You need to test your soil to make sure it has the proper nutrients needed for the types of trees you are growing. You can add compost and fertilizer to the soil to make it better for the trees and to help them grow healthier.


Fertilizer can help your trees become healthier but you need to know how much you should use on your trees. If you use too much you could burn or harm the trees. You should only add fertilizer to your trees once or twice a year.


When you prune your trees you are removing the unhealthy and dying leaves and stems so healthy ones can grow in their place. Pruning encourages trees to grow and is necessary if you want to keep your trees healthy and help them grow larger.

Sal Taddeo knows that the healthier a tree, the better it grows, the longer it lives and more beautiful it looks. Anyone can grow healthy trees if they take the time to understand the needs of the trees and take action to cater to those needs. If you want to grow strong and healthy trees, consider the above tips above.

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Sal Taddeo - How To Raise And Sell Trees

​Sal Taddeo enjoys nature and gardening and currently owns his own business called Sallee Figs. ​Sal Taddeo raises and sells fig trees and also offers tips for his buyers to help them raise their trees and make them healthier. If you enjoy working with plants and trees and would like to raise and sell them, these tips can help.

Choose A Tree Type

Most people who sell trees will pick one or a few different types and focus on them. You can always add more trees to your nursery as you become more experienced. Each tree will have specific needs that you will have to meet if you want to grow them successfully.

Find A Place

Your trees will need plenty of space and good soil in order to grow healthy. Make sure you consider the kinds of trees you are growing, how many trees you plan to grow and whether or not your nursery will be open to the public, when you choose a location to grow and sell your trees.

Advertise Your Trees

After you have started growing your trees and are ready to start selling them, you will need to advertise them. You can advertise online, in your local newspaper, on the radio or make flyers and business cards to hand out in your community.

Sal Taddeo has found success by raising and selling fig trees. If you love trees and want to raise and sell them for a living, follow the tips above. If you are interested in buying any of Sal's trees, you can contact him at 732.864.4147 or ​Sal Taddeo also has these websites:, and

Sal Taddeo - Tips For Helping The Homeless

Sal Taddeo has always cared about helping the less fortunate and focuses a lot of his efforts on the homeless. He has volunteered with homeless shelters in the past and plans to soon work at Bon Jovi’s Soul Kitchen where he will prepare food and serve the homeless and less fortunate. If you want to help homeless people in your area, these tips can help.

Raise Awareness

There are many people who do not know how bad the homeless problem is in the United States. If you can raise awareness of the problem you may be able to get more people to help as well. You can raise awareness by sharing information, organizing special events or just talking to the people you know about the problem. The more people who know about the problem, the more people who can potentially help.
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Be Prepared

You never know when you might come across a homeless person in need. The best way to help is to always be prepared. You may want to prepare little bags of snacks, socks, tissues, water and personal care items that you can carry with you and hand out to the homeless people you meet. These small gestures can make a big difference in the life of a homeless person who has not eaten in days, does not have clean socks or who wants to brush his or her teeth.


There are many homeless people living on the streets who are not aware of the charities, shelters and churches who are willing to help them out. If you are aware of a homeless person and an organization that may be able to help, direct them to each other. The homeless person may be able to share the information with others in need and you could end up helping a lot of homeless people.


There are many organizations that help homeless people, but they need volunteers. Volunteer a few hours at a local homeless shelter, serve food at a local soup kitchen or work with a local church to organize and prepare meals and items to be distributed to the homeless. Just a few hours of your time can make a big difference in a homeless person’s life.

Homelessness is a big problem in the United States and many other places around the world. Sal Taddeo wants to do his part to fight homelessness and help homeless people. You can help too. If you live in an area where there are a lot of homeless people and you are looking for a way to help them, consider some of the tips above or come up with your own ways to help.

Sal Taddeo - How To Raise Fig Trees

Sal Taddeo has always liked to work with plants and flowers and loves to watch things grow. He currently owns a company called Sallee Figs. He raises and sells fig trees and helps people prepare their yards for such trees. He also offers tips for helping them care for their trees so they live longer and look better. If you want to raise fig trees, these tips can help.

Prepare The Soil

Protect From The Cold

Harvest The Fruit

Prune The Trees

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Sal Taddeo - The French Culinary Institute

Sal Taddeo is a man with many different interests, hobbies, and goals. His eclectic interests are part of what has led him to become the President and CEO of several different companies. He is simply a man that has many curiosities. It is for that reason that Mr. Sal Taddeo once attended The French Culinary Institute, what is known today as the International Culinary Center, a gourmet cooking school established by Dorothy Cann Hamilton.

Sal Taddeo

The French Culinary Institute includes a vast array of facilities such as professional kitchens for baking and cooking classes, specially tailored wine-tasting rooms, an extensive library, a theater, and ample room for events. The school is known to house many renowned chefs, including Andre Soltner, David Kinch, Emily Luchetti, Jose Andres, and many more.

The school does not just offer a culinary education, but has also published several cookbooks that have been well-received all over the world. One particular book, “The Fundamental Techniques of Italian Cuisine”, won a James Beard Award. “The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Cuisine”, and “The Fundamental Techniques of Pastry Arts”, also won James Beard Awards.

The school even offers campuses in the New York area, where one might get to sit in at a lecture by Bobby Flay or Dan Barber.

Sal Taddeo enjoyed his time attending The French Culinary Institute, and though he is now a business owner, it was still a crucial part of his education and life experience. The school Mr. Taddeo attended has changed names officially, but still has the same spirit it did when he was in attendance.​

Sal Taddeo - How to Get a Real Estate License

Sal Taddeo is a hard-working business professional that not only owns several companies, but also is licensed in New Jersey as a realtor. Becoming a realtor is not simply a matter of paying for a license. It is a complicated process that differs from state to state.

The eligibility requirements usually involve factors like age, education, and residency. Though requirements differ from state to state, all states do require a pre-licensing education, as well as a passing score on a state-issued exam. There are also usually application fees that vary for each state, as well as renewal requirements.

For those seeking a real estate license, it is a good idea to start by learning the requirements in your state. Once you know and meet these requirements, the next step is to complete your pre-licensing education. This means that you have to choose an accredited school within your state. It is important the school is accredited, or it may not be able to issue you a legally binding license. Once you enroll in the proper school, you must prepare for the final state exam. Once you have passed the exam, you must apply for your real estate license and pay any application fees that may apply.

As a determined individual, Sal Taddeo went through the many different steps in order to receive his real estate license in New Jersey. He is a passionate businessman with a strong work-ethic. In the future he only hopes to continue his growth and expand his knowledge in the real estate world. As the leader of Sallee Figs, he can be reached at

Roles and Duties of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 

The job of a Chief Executive Officer is a standout amongst the most desired, and minimally comprehended occupations in an organization. Everybody accepts that CEOs can do whatever they need, are all capable, and are mystically skillful. Obviously, nothing could be further from reality. By its exceptional nature, the expected set of responsibilities of a CEO means addressing the needs of workers, clients, speculators, groups, and the law. Some of a CEO's occupation can be assigned. In any case, a few components of the whole work must be finished by the CEO.

Sal Taddeo

The obligations of a CEO include:

  • Creating, conveying, and executing the association's vision, mission, and general bearing. Driving the advancement and usage of the entire organization's methodology.
  • Leading, directing, coordinating, and assessing the work of other official heads including presidents, VPs, and chiefs, contingent upon the organization's reporting structure.
  • Soliciting guidance and direction, when proper, from a Board of Directors.
  • Formulating and executing the key arrangement that aides the bearing of the business or organization.
  • Overseeing the complete operation of an organization as per the course stated in the key arrangements of the organization.
  • Evaluating the achievement of the organization.
  • Maintaining attention to both the outer and inward focused scene, open doors for development, clients, markets, new industry improvements and models, et cetera.
  • Representing the organization for community and expert affiliation obligations and exercises in the neighborhood group, the state, and at the national level. (Other official heads bear obligation regarding these endeavors as intrigued or appointed too.)
  • Demonstrating the initiative important to make the organization's central goal a reality. This initiative incorporates giving leadership vision, administration that pulls in adherents, and all different parts of fruitful leadership.

With more than 25 years working experience, Sal Taddeo has had the privilege to work in top positions in various organizations. He was at one time the President and CEO of T&E Construction Management, and he is presently the President and CEO of both Sallee Figs LLC and Salangi Enterprises LLC.

Interested In Fig Plantation?

The following are the cultural practices involved in Fig plantation:

Sal Taddeo

Location of plants: Figs need full sun throughout the day to mature attractive fruits. In seaside atmospheres, grow in the warmest area. For plants grown in a container, supplant the greater part of the soil in the tub at regular intervals and keep the sides of the tub shaded to forestall overheating in daylight.

Watering system: Young fig trees ought to be watered consistently until completely firm. Mulch the soil around the trees to moderate dampness. On the off chance that a tree is not sufficiently getting water, the leaves will turn yellow and drop.

Pruning: Fig trees are profitable with or without overwhelming pruning. It is crucial just amid the introductory years, once the tree structure is built up, stay away from substantial winter pruning.

Fertilizer Application: Regular fertilizing of figs is normally important just for pruned trees or when they are grown on sands. Overabundance of nitrogen supports rank development to the detriment of fruit generation, and the natural product that is delivered regularly matures inadequately, if it grows by any means.

Proliferation: Fig plants are normally proliferated by cuttings. Never transplant or aggravate a youthful tree while it is beginning new development in spring, as this usually leads to its damage.

Bugs and Diseases: Fig tree roots are a most loved sustenance of gophers, who can undoubtedly execute a vast plant. One latent technique for control is to plant the tree in an extensive aviary wire bushel. Keep a clean plantation by decimating fallen leafy foods and do not grow close to citrus trees. Likewise, don't buy contaminated trees and disengage those which demonstrate symptoms.

Harvest: Figs must be permitted to mature completely on the tree before they are picked. They won't mature if picked when youthful. A ready fruit will be marginally delicate and beginning to twist at the neck. Harvest the natural product tenderly to abstain from damaging.

Business potential: Because of misfortunes in transport and short time frame of realistic usability, figs are a high-esteem products of constrained interest. The best outlet is direct deal at roadside or ranchers’ markets, however don't allow handling of the fruits. Figs for delivery are gathered day by day just before they achieve the completely ripe stage.

Sal Taddeo is at present the Execute President and CEO of Sallee Figs, an organization that produces and markets very rare exotic fig trees.

Simple Things to Consider Before You Become a Consultant

Sal Taddeo

  • What confirmations and authorizations will I require? Contingent on your calling, you may require special accreditation or a unique permit before you can start working as a consultant. Case in point, fund-raising consultants needn't bother with exceptional certificate, in spite of the fact that you can get to be certified through the National Society of Fund Raising Executives. What's more, in a few states, you may need to enroll as an expert fund-raising consultant before beginning your business.
  • Am I qualified to turn into a consultant? Before you hang out your shingle and trust that customers start thumping your way to contract you, verify that you have the capabilities important to take care of the business. In the event that you desire to be a consultant in the computer world, ensure that you are progressive with information on all the patterns and changes in the computer business.
  • Am I orderly enough to turn into a consultant? Do I like to arrange my day? Am I a specialist in the matter of time administration? You ought to have replied "yes" to every one of the three inquiries!
  • Do I like networking? Building a network of contacts is very important if you want to be successful as a consultant. So, start the networking process immediately.
  • Have I set long haul and fleeting objectives? Furthermore, do they give me room to become a consultant? In the event that your objectives don't match up with the time and vitality it takes to open and effectively maintain a consulting business, then reevaluate before making any move in this course!

Sal Taddeo has been a consultant for quite a while, and he is an effective one at that. He is presently the President and CEO of Salangi Enterprises LLC, which is a major consulting firm with a worldwide reckoning.

Golf and Its Course

The point of golf is straightforward: hit a little ball into an opening with the least conceivable shots, 18 times.

Not at all like other games, a golfer's genuine adversary is never his or her rival but him/herself and all the more critically, his or her environment.

That is one rationale behind how the game has succeeded in keeping a feeling of sportsmanship at its heart - in light of the fact that even at the highest level, golfers are united in their fight against the course as much as one another.

Sal Taddeo

What a Golf Course Looks Like

A standard golf course is comprised of 18 holes, which is just about the main thing all golf courses have in like manner. The principal shot on every opening is played from a teeing range (known as a tee) with the ball typically being set on a plastic or wooden peg (otherwise called a tee).

Whatever is left of the hole comprises of a blend of long grass called rough or a firmly mown stretch of grass known as the fairway which prompts the green, where the opening is. In addition to rough, there may be different perils to fight with, for example, fortifications and streams.

A flagstick sits destitute to demonstrate the objective - typically with yellow banners on the initial nine holes and red on the second nine. Most courses are around 6,000 yards in length and take somewhere around three and four hours to play 18 holes, which includes strolling around five miles.

Sal Taddeo loves playing golf, despite the fact that he is an Executive President and CEO of two extraordinary organizations, he stills finds time to play golf on weekends with his loved ones.

Tips for Success in Facilities Management

Managing a facility and all the operations involved can be a daunting task. But with an organized approach, and plan in place, thriving as a facilities manager is an attainable goal. Following are tips for success when embarking on a career in Facilities Operations and Management:

1) Know Your Budget

Work with the finance department to determine the annual operating budget of the facility and become familiar with the current expenses. Knowing when the budget is set and reviewed can help you prepare you for upcoming projects, necessary improvements, and possible new expenses.

2) Become Familiar with all service contracts

All service contracts have a start and end date, as well relationships attached to each. Become familiar with the work of each company and prepare to analyze whether the provider is giving the best quality work at the best price. Your job is to determine what is best for the building.

 3) Shifting Gears and Making Good Decisions

In the role of Facilities Manager, shifting gears quickly will become second nature. You’ll be expected to make decisions quickly and confidently, keeping in mind what will benefit the facility as a whole. Being well informed of all the facilities operations and knowing how to quickly analyze and manage any crisis that may come up will become invaluable tools in this fast-paced field.

Sal Taddeo worked as the Director of Facility Operations and Construction for Bradlees Department Stores for over a decade. In this position, he oversaw all Facility Operation, Maintenance, Construction, and Security Loss and Prevention for over 300 stores in the Northeast Region. During his time with Bradlees, he became a master of quickly shifting gears and making decisions that positively affected the company.

Tips for Success in Construction Management

Construction Management is a great field for those who strive on a fast paced, exciting and ever changing environment. Each project offers a set of unique challenges and rewards, with different people involved every step of the way. Following are some tips for success in Construction Management.

Sal Taddeo

-Stay Organized and On Track

Time management is a key skill in construction management.  Expert scheduling and management of subcontractors is critical to keeping projects on track. Keeping track of all areas of activity within the project, and being able to contact key players at all times is vital to keeping the schedule running flawlessly.

-Embrace Technology

Technology has been a game changer in the field of construction management.  Having the tools to quickly and efficiently communicate while in the field saves both time and money and equates to less time spent in the office. Even laptops have found their way into the field as a valuable tool in scheduling, tracking and field reporting.

-Keep the Rapport Going

Even with all the technology available to help move things along smoothly in the field, nothing beats face time with clients. Building personal relationships remains a key component to success both in the field and in the office, and fostering those relationships is key to managing client expectations.

As President and CEO for T&E Construction Management, Sal Taddeo led the project management team on all aspects of large scale commercial construction projects throughout the country. He ensured the success of the company by directing all business operations, finances and administration. During this time he also worked on projects for high profile clients including Annie Leibovitz, Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren, and Max Azria.

Sal Taddeo: The Institute of Design and Construction, Brooklyn, New York

The Institute of Design and Construction of Brooklyn, New York is where Sal Taddeo received his education. There he was an excellent student, exceeding expectations of performance in every class. While attending the Institute, Sal Taddeo studied as much as he could to learn from this exceptional school in order to one day translate the information he learned into a successful profession.

Sal Taddeo

The Institute of Design and Construction (IDC) is a private, non-profit institution in the state of New York. Registered by the New York State Department of Education and accredited by the New York State Board of Regents, the Institute of Design and Construction is authorized to confer Associate Degrees in Occupational Studies. Founded in 1947, Vito P. Battista looked to offer professional training to those who wanted to start a career in Brooklyn, New York. In the very beginning, the school enrolled 100 students with only eight professors teaching 11 different subjects. It would be years later when Sal Taddeo walked onto the campus of this exceptional Institute and started his design and construction educational career.

When Sal Taddeo was a student, he was very eager to learn from the institute that had so much history in it. The Institute of Design and Construction was a pioneer of the educational program that later became known as the “Work and Study Plan.” This plan allowed students to work during the day and return to the school to continue their education at night. A proven program that Sal Taddeo took great interest in, and over executed with all levels of discipline.  

Sal Taddeo - Attributes

Sal Taddeo is an experienced and knowledgeable businessman. Not afraid of working hard, Sal Taddeo has worked his way up to hold multiple high-level positions with multiple companies. With over 20 years of experience under his belt, Sal Taddeo is proficient in areas such as facilities operations, construction management, facilities maintenance, real estate development and lease negotiations. Sal Taddeo has experienced great success in each of these positions and others that he has held.

                                              Sal Taddeo

Sal Taddeo has also had a highly accomplished record of the maintaining and developing of multi-use commercial, residential, retail, and cultural facilities. An excellent team player and team leader, Sal Taddeo knows how to get a project running with everyone on the same page. As a leader, there is no one like the unique Sal Taddeo, who leads with intelligence, compassion and understanding as leaders should. Sal Taddeo is known to have excellent communication skills, which he uses to ensure his teams knows their goals and stays on task in order to create peak efficiency for the team.

If there is one thing that someone can pick up easily about Sal Taddeo, it is that he has a way with people. His people skills are unparalleled. Not only does he have the empathy to understand people and their situations, he has compassion to sympathize with them, but most importantly he has the ability to use those strengths to encourage and uplift. When a member of his team is down, the compassion from the heart of gold that Sal Taddeo has comes out as he helps the team member stand back up again.